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About Ninetees Baby

Ninetees Baby Is an Aotearoa New Zealand based company. Beginning life in January 2020 in Te Whanganui-A-Tara, Wellington or our little creative capital as we locals know it. The ideas, illustrations and designs for Ninetees Baby were born out of a love and nostalgia for 90’s Hip Hop & RnB music. They say music is the soundtrack to our lives and it certainly rings true here. The clothing we make at Ninetees Baby is our way to remember what an incredibly special era of friendship, life and learning the 90’s were.

Made for people who want products that are packed full of personality, put a dance in their step and lyrics in their heads. Why fit in when you were born to stand out!


From our Founder:

There isn’t a 90’s song that doesn’t instantly transport me back into a memory with one of my friends, we each had our favs and would spend time swapping CD’s, making mix tapes and choreographing dances. We’d learn all the lyrics to our favourite songs and have the music blasting from our limited car stereos or as loud as our walkmans (and their batteries) would go. Weekends were spent working and lunch breaks were spent in the music store trying to decide which of the latest albums would be the winner of our limited funds.

How our products are made and the people who make them was really important to me, I wanted Ninetees Baby to live the ethos of treading lightly on this planet. This is why we have no part in any sweatshop labour and our products are sourced and created in a way that’s eco friendly by using water based print products, rainfed organic cotton and for some products recycled cottons. We also make to order so that we are not creating more than we need and contributing to large scale textile dumping.

Kat O’Sullivan, Founder of Ninetees Baby